Your development is a process. Mechanics first, then consistency before intensity. Each Incinerator workout is carefully designed to work and rest your muscular, vascular, and nervous systems in order to verse you in the ways of gymnastics, weight lifting, and metabolic conditioning.

In a one hour class, a coach, you, and a few fellow members will be intimately guided through warming up, stretching out, and developing and improving skills necessary for the day’s workout. When the coach has ensured everyone is going to be appropriately challenged, the workout begins, however it isn’t over until the last person is done. Encouragement is the core of our culture. The workouts are different every day and in almost every way.

With consistent attendance, our classes will get you huge results without any extra training. Beyond the exercise we pack into an hour, NUTRITION is vital to earning the body you desire. The difference between those who are functionally fit, and those who have washboard stomachs and chiseled bodies, is not a secret at all. It is strict adherence to eating enough to optimize performance, but not support body fat. You will learn to eat for your new lifestyle. We do not promote diets, but rather adhering to your lifestyle.

What is Crossfit

CrossFit is a combination of

Nutrition, Metabolic Conditioning, Gymnastics, Weight Lifting & Throwing, and Sports

10 General Physical Skills

Cardiovascular Respiratory Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance, Accuracy

A CrossFit gym is called a box, based on the black box theory. A person walks in… magical change then happens inside the box… and a different product emerges.

Each class is an hour long. Arrive a few minutes early. Other members will say hello when they see you.  Feel free to say “hello” back! The coach explains the workout and then leads a warm-up where you get the blood pumping and stretch your muscles. The coach then spends some time with each person in class to appropriately adjust the scope and goals of the workout specifically to that individual’s personal development. Finally it is time to smash the “Workout of the Day” (WOD). The music gets turned up, and the coach works the room to keep people safe and the intensity turned appropriately up! Afterward we all huddle up to cool down and joke around about the day’s work. You’ll have a blast!

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Co-Owner, Head Coach, USMC

I am an owner, operator. I am the coach, the programmer, the researcher. I wrote every word that you see on this website. I get quite a bit of help from the community to develop things like the videos, the photos, and some of the cool stuff you see around the gym. However, CrossFit Incinerator is my passion project.



Co-Owner, SDPD

Level 1. Blake quickly found that he loved the challenge CrossFit presents. He really cares about the members of his box. There isn't much this guy can't do, because he constantly works on the stuff he isn't good at. He's quick with a joke and a smile, and will push you to your limits in the gym.




Level 1, Brock started out as a personal trainer in a traditional gym. Once he was introduced to crossfit and fell in love with the whole genre and style of working out, it was just natural for him to become a CrossFit Coach. He's got a background in bodybuilding and is an accomplished lacrosse player. Brock has a passion for coaching and inspires people to keep on moving, even when their bodies want to stop. He'll help make you great!



Coach, RN

Level 1, Degree in Nursing and Kineseology. Holly will get the most out of each person in her classes, and truly leads by example when it comes to giving a workout everything you got. She has strived to be as skilled in the movements she teaches and makes sure that those she coaches understands that everyone starts from the beginning, just as she and every other Coach has; and that it's going to be a challenge but a great reward in the end.



Coach, Kids Program

Level 1, Gymnastics. Powerlifting, Weight Lifting, Kids, Football. Charity is the CrossFit Kids Coach and Programmer. She brings the joy and sport of fitness to your kids the right way. First and foremost, she teaches them mechanics and then how to push their limits. She also instills the drive to give put their best effort into action. She works hard to make sure that everyone she coaches (from kids to her adult clients) leaves with a win.




Currently on deployment for the next six months. However, I will be back because I can't stop thinking about my wife and family and the other ``home`` I have here with the people of CrossFit Incinerator. My 5&6 am'rs keep after it and break Jake in slowly. Ha Ha! I'll be back in no time but I'll never be far ( I'm stalking all of you on whiteboard). I'll be looking for first muscle-ups, big P.R.'s and motivation to get through a rough day.


27452 Jefferson Avenue, Suite 8B
Temecula, CA USA


Phone: 951-676-7333

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