All about Blake, Murrieta PD/Co-Owner…..

Level 1 Coach and Co-Owner of CrossFit Incinerator.

Blake is a Police Officer with the Murrieta PD and previously with San Diego PD.

In Blake’s own words……

I got started with Crossfit about 2 years ago. I was pretty active and used to play baseball.  However,  when I became a police officer, I neglected all fitness activities.

I knew I needed something new in my life and came to meet Jake at CrossFit Incinerator.  I have loved it ever since.

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Come in and try CrossFit….. You will love the atmosphere and the people here at CrossFit Incinerator!

“You never know how much you can do, until you try to do more than you can.” – Tony Blauer

CrossFit helps me with my everyday life – in addition to the physical aspects, it just gives me an overall positive attitude and mental clarity towards things in life.  It helps me feel better and look better – when you do crossfit, not only are the physical rewards a given, but the gift of health is an even added perk.  To top it all off, crossfit helps me perform better in all aspects of my daily existence – the strength and agility  that I get from crossfit helps me with my law enforcement job as a police officer when chasing suspects and things get physical, not to mention, my job as a dad when I’ve got to keep up after my kids and help the wife with the heavier side of housework.

Crossfit is great for everyone. No matter what age, size, fitness level, or even whatever type of injury you may be nursing to get back to normal. Crossfit may aid you in gaining/regaining your strength and it will help you become a better “you”.

We have awesome coaches here at CrossFit Incinerator, they will inspire and motivate you to not only try your best but to do your best. Additionally, the camaraderie here is amazing amongst the members/athletes and not to mention, the family atmosphere is unique from being a typical gym.  Come to think of it, if you’ve got kids and you’d like to get them some exercise?  Take a look into our CrossFit for Kids program!  It’s bananas!

I have three kids of my own and they are definitely CrossFit Incinerator Kids….except my youngest who is only 6 months old, of course.  My wife and I intend on making sure that as they grow up, their health and fitness will be a focal  educational topic in addition to their academics.  It’s just a given…..



27452 Jefferson Avenue, Suite 8B
Temecula, CA USA


Phone: 951-676-7333
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