Your development is a process. Mechanics first, then consistency before intensity. Each Incinerator workout is carefully designed to work and rest your muscular, vascular, and nervous systems in order to verse you in the ways of gymnastics, weight lifting, and metabolic conditioning.

In a one hour class, a coach, you, and a few fellow members will be intimately guided through warming up, stretching out, and developing and improving skills necessary for the day’s workout. When the coach has ensured everyone is going to be appropriately challenged, the workout begins, however it isn’t over until the last person is done. Encouragement is the core of our culture. The workouts are different every day and in almost every way..

With consistent attendance, our classes will get you huge results without any extra training. Beyond the exercise we pack into an hour, nutrition is vital to earning the body you desire. The difference between those who are functionally fit, and those who have washboard stomachs and chiseled bodies, is not a secret at all. It is strict adherence to eating enough to optimize performance, but not support body fat. You will learn to eat for your new lifestyle. We do not promote diets, but rather adhering to your lifestyle.

FUNDAMENTALS PROGRAM – *Required if you are new to CrossFit

The Fundamentals Sessions are vital to you starting from a strong base point and knowledge of technique, purpose and safety prior to entering our CrossFit classes. You will learn how the mechanics and requirements of squats, presses, deadlifts, kettlebells, and gymnastics movements like pull-ups, push-ups, box jumps, and more. Avoiding a fundamentals program will surely lead you to a “glass ceiling” and frustrations down the road.

Our Fundamentals Program is a 5 session basics program with each session lasting about one hour. These sessions must be done within a two-week period of your start with two to three sessions per week.


Kid classes will have your kids laughing and playing their way through learning how to be safe while training in gymnastics, weight lifting basics, and making good food choices too!

​Teaching them how to move correctly, efficiently, and correctly at a young age will provide them valuable reference as they move throughout life, activity, and sport.

Kid’s bodies are resilient, but it is important they learn how to move. We ensure small student/teacher ratio. In their classes, they will be doing CrossFit appropriate for their age and ability level. Yep, thats the same thing we do in our adult classes!


Olympic Weight Lifting is a part of CrossFit Incinerator. It is exciting and daunting to a beginner CrossFitter, and one of the most fun and frustrating things to an experienced athlete. There are two Olympic Lifts, the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk. They are called Olympic Lifts because they are actually events at the Olympics.

Weightlifting is a sport in itself around the world. Our coaches are qualified to develop your lifting to be competitive at local and regional levels.

We start you in Olympic Lifting with very light weight. We train with plastic PVC tube. Then move to a 5 pound bar, and then a little bit more each time until you are throwing around impressive amounts of weight. Some people tend to enjoy Olympic Lifting over time because it is easier to track progress than other disciplines. Gymnastics, For instance, is either you can or you can’t (I mean you can’t do a pull-up until finally, one day you can!). However, developing your gymnastics carries over and improves your lifting, strength, flexibility, coordination, balance….and more!


While an hour of CrossFit everyday is ​plenty, some people want to really work on a specific skill or area or perhaps you are an athlete on the verge of taking a serious look at competition, and would like personalized programming. We have a great team of coaches, and if you want to learn a specific movement from a specific coach please let me know so we can set up a time where you can get some PT one-on-one.

Personal Training is $50 an hour, and you get to choose the coach. Personal Programming is $74 per month, in addition to your gym membership.