All about Jake…..

Prior to starting CrossFit, I was as unhealthy as they come. What I found within these walls changed my life. I cannot describe the feelings I get when I’m able to reciprocate.

Here is my short resume, but please take a moment to read my story and to get a better idea about me and where I’ve come from:20160208-20160208-Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 2.47.12 PM

  • CrossFit Level 1 and Level 2 Certification

  • CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certification

  • CrossFit Movement & Mobility Certification

  • CrossFit Kids Certification

  • USMC Anti-Tank Assaultman & Demolitionist 2000-2004

    • 1st Battalion 2nd Marines Weapons Company

  • Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes 2004-2009

    • Intensive tutoring in comprehension, reading, and spelling

My experience as a CrossFitter started in 2009 when my brother-in-law, and still my coach, Jordan Gravatt convinced me to try CrossFit at his affiliate. It sucked! It hurt so bad! I did half of the workout that some soccer moms were doing next to me. I had to use giant rubber bands to perform half of the required amount of pull-ups, and still I was barely able to finish. I ran half the distance that everyone else did. I was only allowed to use half of the weight that the girls were using. I finished the workout dead last. Yet, everyone in that damn class cheered me through the finish, and even ran the last bit with me! Afterward, I puked in the bushes outside and laid on the sidewalk for quite a long time. The experienced put a few things into perspective for me.

  • I had let myself go a lot further than I had thought.

  • My attitude, “If I needed to __(run/chase/fight)__ I could” was wrong.

  • This CrossFit shit was no joke and it will help me get back in shape

  • This is gonna hurt…

“I was physically and mentally unhealthy before I started CrossFit.” -Jake

Let me give you some background. I was a Marine from 2000-2004. I was in the Infantry (0351 for the other vets out there). I was directly involved in the Battle of Nasiriyah in 2003. I was not a dirt bag. After I got out of the Corps I decided that my days of running were behind me and that I had earned “the good life.” From 2004-2009, my only participation in exercise was the 2007 Camp Pendleton Mud Run, and I ran that on true grit.

When I first started CrossFit I could perform a single pull-up. Push-ups were really rough. Squats hurt my knees. Running hurt my whole body, I preferred to row and did so as often as I could. I had to “modify” and “scale” amost everything. I was 250 lbs, and soon found out that I was 31.5% body fat. I was Obese. That stung. It was a long road. And I took every step.

Between the Marines and 2009 I worked for my family’s company, Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes. There I worked with students of all ages to develop mental imagery in order to read, spell, and comprehend language. I found such an obvious connection between this experience, leading Marines, and coaching CrossFit, that I decided to whip my ass into shape and get involved. Since I had to learn to do almost everything from the most basic level, I find it very rewarding to share the process with everyone!

I am now in much better shape. I can perform most any movement safely and efficiently. I’m not a Games competitor, but I do participate each year. My profile is viewable, but I’ll let you know that I finish in the top 10%ile in the world, and I’ve improved a bit each year. I participated in a few other competitions as well, just for fun and for the challenge.

My promise to you is that I will deliver CrossFit to you. I will provide you with a place that you can take yourself and your progress seriously. You will be able to laugh at your mistakes, and have fun struggling alongside others. I promise I will never give up on you if you are trying your hardest. We will work together and I’ll bet we will both be surprised by the person we find inside you. If you are already fit, lets push the boundaries of fitness. If you are just getting started, then lets put one foot in front of another and see what the world looks like from a little further up the road.

See you at the box!


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