A message from DOC….

I just wanted to leave everyone a quick note before I left.

First, I want to express my sincerest gratitude to Jake and Blake for allowing me to come and be a part of this amazing Gym. I’ve always missed coaching CrossFit and this opportunity has rekindled my passion for CrossFit and coaching athletes (that’s what our members are…athletes). Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Second, I want to thank the athletes of CFI for welcoming a BIG mouthed, dancing fool who breaks into air guitar riffs when WODs seem endless and his family. CFI is all the good things that CrossFit is and what I love about it, that is a direct reflection of its leadership. The real spirit is alive and well in our building…. Or is that Otis Murphy in the snatches room again? 🤔😆😂

I will miss everyone while I am gone. My 5 & 6 AM’rs, keep after it and break Jake in slowly. Ha ha. I’ll especially miss my girls! If you see my beautiful wife, my favorite college athlete and my blonde mini-me and they look down give em a hug and a smile and tell them it’s from me.

I’ll be back in no time but I’ll never be far ( I’m stalking all of you on whiteboard). I’ll be looking for first muscle-ups, Big P.R.’s and motivation to get through a rough day.

See you all Soon!



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