Getting Started at CrossFit Incinerator

Exercise, fitness, and proper nutrition are always present in a healthy lifestyle. If you’ve reached our website, you’ve already taken the hardest step. You’ve looked inside yourself and realized that you desire some change and perhaps want some coaching to take you to the next level. Welcome! You’ve found a community of dedicated like-minded people who have decided that the status quo will no longer suffice.

There are three types of people that find our box.

Person A is not in shape, has never played sports, has never loved going to the gym, and might be a little scared to jump right in to CrossFit. Person A may think they need to “get in shape first.” You do not. The best thing about being person A is that you don’t have any bad habits to break with regard to exercise and movement. Your changes will be almost entirely centered around your lifestyle! You are the lucky ones, who usually experience the most dramatic and envious changes when you add CrossFit Incinerator into your life.

Person B is no longer in shape, used to play sports in high school, college, or professionally, and used to hit the gym. You probably have lost a lot of flexibility. You may have had previous injuries or surgeries. Person B understands and thrives with a coach and on friendly competition, but will need to learn safety, and might need to tweak some habits in order to be successful and enjoy their time at Incinerator. Person B needs to prepare for lifestyle and exercise changes.Some things will come quickly, and others will be worse than eating your least favorite vegetable. That athlete is still inside you, and we will reignite that fire inside. It will be hard, but it will also be supremely worth your effort and time.

Person C is already in shape. Most people look at you and think you are already at the finish line of fitness. You know that you can do almost anything in which you are tasked. However, you are very curious about CrossFit, or already are doing some workouts in your garage or in your current gym. You may be curious about the CrossFit Games. Person C already knows that there are some things they like to do, and other things they avoid. In order for Person C to find great success, you must be ready to identify your weaker areas and get busy strengthening those annoying little details. Person C will soon find out, that there is no end to the learning. All exercises and movements lead to more advanced movements. Once you learn the moves, you need to conquer the little inefficiencies in order to maximize your power output and minimize your effort so that you can accumulate the maximum amount of work within the minimum amount of time. Person C embraces and enjoys the hard work. Lets push it a little further!

Step 1: “Interested”

You already did it! You are interested you found your way to this website. Now its time to take step 2!

Step 2: “Intro Workout”

Schedule an introductory 30 minute personal training session, no charge. You will be introduced to Incinerator the same way it was introduced to our owner back in 2009. You will learn some fundamental movements, and you will also tackle a short, heart pounding, workout. This personal training session is great for everyone! It will help you and your coach get acquainted. Most people know immediately if they love or hate CrossFit. If you think like we do, then you’ll be ready for Step 3. If not, its ok. Not everyone enjoys this type of training. But if you enjoy pushing yourself outside your comfort zone everyday, then you are one of us.

Step 3: “Intro Class”

Try out a class. Your coach will accompany you to your first CrossFit class whenever possible. In our classes we will ensure you are appropriately challenged. We will never allow you to push weights before your technical proficient. We will always be looking for areas where you can improve. We will always insist on 100% effort. Give us your best, and we’ll give you our best. And you’ll be well on your way to a better, more functional, more active, more confident, stronger, faster, healthier you.

Step 4: “Membership”

Sign up. If you are new to CrossFit, fundamentals comes first, and is $50 in addition to your membership. Memberships are $125 per month. Our billing is monthly, without a contract. Military, fire, law enforcement are charged $100. If a family member wants to join you, their membership is $100. We are flexible with our billing, but prefer to charge on the 1st of the month. The only other membership option is a 10 class punch card for $100. The punch card does not expire. If you need to cancel your membership at any time just let us know.