All about Holly Berry….

I am a Level I Coach and CrossFit Incinerator Athlete.  Don’t be fooled though, being a Coach is where all the fun is at!  I’m also a wife,  a mother of two crazy little boys,  and a Registered Nurse at Scripps Mercy in San Diego.Holly B

Unlike what everyone has heard, really, anyone can do CrossFit! Every single movement in the box is scalable and adaptable to anyone’s needs. Not only that,  it’s a lot of freaking fun. Everyday is different,  so all the guess work is taken out,  and the community and motivation that exists between members is unexplainable.

I was the girl that went to the globo-gym twice a day for hours at a time and for all the wrong reasons. A friend saw how frustrated I was and with much persuasion,  got me to try crossfit out. It took about 15 minutes in one of Coach Jake’s classes, and I was hooked. 4 years later I’m still here. For me, because of crossfit, it’s not a matter of keeping up with my kids,  it’s them having to keep up with me. We’re able to go to the beach or the park and I can run around with my kids and show them by example,  that life doesn’t slow you down, no matter what age, issue, problem you may have.

I welcome you to this community of people where easy will no longer suffice. You will be challenged,  you will fail,  you will be picked up by the athletes around you; and when you try again, in one way or other, you will eventually succeed. You start CrossFit because it’s a challenge. Embrace that. If it were easy, you wouldn’t be here.



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