Montessori Method

The Montessori Method is an educational approach that is based on the principles set forth by Maria Montessori, the 19th century Italian physician, researcher, and educator. She discovered a method of guiding the child in a specially prepared environment that allows each child to grow and learn at his or her own developmental capabilities. The Montessori Method, when truly used correctly, has been scientifically and neurologically proven to be a distinguished form of education that creates successful, independent, and innovative people.
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Reggio Emilia Approach

The Reggio Emilia approach to early education is inspired by the form of education that was begun after World War II in Reggio Emilia, Italy. Parents and educators began an enriching new way to teach young minds through child led activities, exploration of the environment, and spontaneous discovery of the natural world. Reggio Emilia inspired schools across the world are known for their artistic way of allowing children to use natural and recycled materials to discover principles of language, math, science, and the sensorial world around them.
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Integration Philosophy

Wild Roots Preschool and Child Care Center is a unique environment that integrates both philosophies very carefully. Montessori classrooms are beautifully planned out environments for the child’s essential development, however with the addition of the Reggio Emilia approach, we feel that the child will have even more creativity at his fingertips. By implementing Reggio inspired techniques, such as utilizing natural materials for discovery, we feel that children will feel empowered to learn spontaneously and creatively.
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