Reggio Emilia Component of Wild Roots Preschool

The staff at Wild Roots Preschool in Temecula, is dedicated to the children and families they serve. They desire to offer the best curriculum for children so that they can learn in an atmosphere that is not constricted to only one school of thought or educational philosophy.

The Reggio Emilia component of Wild Roots Preschool is essential for the children to feel empowered and encouraged to create, construct, and learn in a free flowing, child directed way.

The Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education began in the city of Reggio Emilia, Italy after World War II. The community of men and women desired to build an educational institution based on collaborative ideas, which brought forth new peaceful and fresh ways of teaching young children.

The most important elements of the wild roots kidsReggio Emilia component are: allowing children to follow their own direction when given certain materials; allow children to fully explore their environment and surroundings with all senses; and allow for spontaneous expression through creations and projects.

Another important element of the Reggio Emilia philosophy that the Wild Roots program incorporates is documentation of children’s work processes displayed in photographs, quotations of children speaking when working, or exhibits of the children’s products.

Wild Roots Preschool also includes the aspect of community building and collaboration with families, community members, and businesses. Wild Roots is an environmentally friendly school that uses donated recycled materials for creative projects and provides locally grown organic foods for snack time. The school enjoys collaborating with like-minded natural and organic businesses and community members in order to help provide a holistic approach to education in Temecula.

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