Music For Little Ones 

Music For Little Ones uses unique, evidence-based techniques and curriculum developed by a nationally accredited music therapist, as well as an experienced private music educator, and combines them into one fantastic program. We focus on using music education to not only introduce children to the joys of music, but to help them accomplish developmental goals, in order to reach their milestones. This program enriches the cognitive, social, language, and physical development of young children, and provides a fun environment for making music and instilling creativity.

Class time is filled with allowing the children to explore many instruments from around the world, and creating their own music, as well as singing, dancing, and instructional movement. Children are encouraged to explore at their own pace, and class time is very hands-on.

Music For Little Ones employs highly qualified teachers that are experienced primarily with preschool and toddler behavior studies, as well as a love and passion for teaching through music. They are trained to use the unique characteristics of music not only to provide age appropriate interaction between children and adults, and bonding between classmates, but to achieve developmental goals in the process.

Classes offered on-site at Wild Roots Preschool and Child Care Center:

Music For Little Ones: We offer 2 music programs throughout the school year for all students 2 years and up. These classes are optional, and space is limited. In the fall, we begin our winter music program, where students explore music fundamentals and practice group collaboration to prepare in song, dance, and instrumentation for our Winter Music Production! Our spring music program works the same way, offering hands-on exposure to early music concepts such as basic rhythm, pitch, and types of sound. In our music programs, the children are able to experience the unfolding of teamwork and investment as they work together to develop songs and movements, as well as participate in the planning and creation of instruments, props, and attire for their final production!

Private Piano Lessons: Our program has an awesome curriculum for students as young as 3 to begin taking private, one on one, piano lessons. The curriculum is pre-reading based. Temecula Music Teacher Studio has a 100% success rate of children knowing how to read music well by the time they reach kindergarten, after being enrolled in our program for 12 months. You do not need a piano at home in order to enroll your child. Private lessons are 20 minutes, one to two times a week, and are offered during school hours.

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