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    Where your children learn through natural instinct and exploration
  • Individual Work at Wild Roots

    Individual Work

    At Wild Roots, we foster each child’s unique desire to learn in a manner that is satisfying to the human spirit. We value the child’s understanding of his or her own processes and we encourage independence in thoughts and actions. The teacher diligently observes the child and classroom dynamic in order to base individual lessons according to each child’s particular stage of development. The children are self-directed and motivated based on their current interests and developmental stages. It is the role of the adult to assist the child in the process of self-discovery, while allowing the opportunity for growth in a non-competitive environment.



    The Wild Roots environment is holistic in nature, where families and children can feel at home in a place of comfort and joy. Every indoor and outdoor space has been designed to naturally provoke interest and provide for meaningful experiences. Our materials are inspired by Montessori and Reggio Emilia philosophies, in which the environment acts as the third teacher, supplying children with thoughtful interactions. Our classrooms encourage critical thinking, and investment through long term processing. 

  • Collaborative

    Group and Collaborative Work

    It is imperative that the Wild Roots’ child is given opportunities to engage with others in our program, in order to achieve the invaluable life skills of associative and collaborative work. The adult will aide in this process through careful interaction and advocation for the natural learning process. We encourage spontaneous group interactions and projects whenever possible to allow the children to find meaningful ways to contribute to their classroom community. With a balance of individual learning and group work throughout their educational experience, Wild Roots’ children will have validation of their ideas and efforts through collective processes and investment.


    Community and Families

    Here at Wild Roots, we value each family and feel that children learn best when there is a consistency in education, in the home, and school environments. We strive to meet each family’s needs by providing parent education, family events, and volunteer opportunities. We also invite family and community members to make special visits to the school to present unique knowledge on various cultures, special talents, or interesting professions. 

    • Toddler 18mos-3yrs

      We meet the specific needs of toddlers by channeling their curiosity in creative & practical ways.

    • Primary 3-6yrs

      Our primary program is a unique environment with enriching activities, experiments, and exploration.

    • After School Care 5-12yrs

      Keeping your child busy with learning-focused sessions as well as activities to encourage their creativity.

    • Empowered Learning

      Children learn better when given the direction and freedom to learn what their hearts desire

    • Haven for Learning

      Children deserve a beautiful haven where the environment calms nerves, stimulates minds, and inspires natural creativity; encouraging the child to naturally bring forth what they have inside of them.

  • "The environment must be rich in motives which lend interest to activity and invite the child to conduct his own experiences.” ~ Maria Montessori

  • Our Programs

    "Free the child's potential, and you will transform him into the world." ~ Maria Montessori
    • "Atelier" Art Studio
      • 3 and Up
        Age Group
    • Music Program
      • 2 and up
        Age Group
    • After School Care
      • 5-12yrs
        Age Group
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    • The environment has been optimal for the development of our daughter. She absolutely loves her school. My only concern would be finding a school on par with Wild Roots when the time comes to matriculate.

      Laurie P.
      Sylmar, CA
    • Teaching preschool-aged children is no easy task, but these women make it look effortless. Our son loves to be at school and is thriving in the environment provided by Wild Roots.

      Jennifer D.
      Murrieta, CA
    • This place is amazing, I would give it 6 stars if I could. I am so glad that I found such a caring and nurturing environment in which my daughter can play, have fun, and learn so much.

      Victoria E.
      Temecula, CA
    • He is my little energetic and talkative boy, and I absolutely love seeing his social personality directed towards exploration and creativity!

      Dani S.
      San Marcos, CA
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