Outdoor Weddings and The Wine Trailer

June 9, 2016


Outdoor weddings have been a popular choice for many a bride and groom.  Whether an outdoor wedding at a park or even in your own backyard, the not-so-typical venue is here to stay.

Add to the outdoor venue of your choice… a theme?  Well, how about a food truck themed outdoor wedding?  Set up a food truck that serves salads, then another food truck that serves and specializes in entrees (of your choice of course), how about that dessert food truck and we must not forget your beverage truck like The Wine Trailer!

A Food Truck Wedding - Have The Wine Trailer there!

Have your guests know ahead of time what shoes to wear for the venue, let them know it will be an outdoorsy wedding with food trucks mixed with some class and sass.

There are more ideas that you can add to outdoor weddings such as

  • Gathering a puzzle-shaped dance floor that you can rent from local party planners or event companies.
  • Hanging twinkling chain lights from the branches of the trees if it’s going to turn into an evening outdoor wedding.
  • Place some disposable cameras at each table so people can take selfies and as they leave; have them drop off the cameras in a wine barrel.  Heck there might even be an app for that, where you can have your guests download the app and it automatically sends the photos form the wedding to you!

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well; if one has not wined and dined well.

Overall, having an outdoor wedding with all the bells and whistles offered with a food truck theme; will not only make your guest feel comfy and cozy but it will also make you less stressed so you can enjoy your own wedding!

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