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Seraphym Designs Founder, Arasely Rios


I have found that Seraphym Rosaries have a special Angelic effect on the people that receive them. Some say that they sleep better at night if they fall asleep with the Rosary in their hand. Others say that their devotion to prayer has found renewal, and yet for others these Rosaries serve as a simple and beautiful reminder to pray. Perhaps it has something to do with the brilliant and colorful beads, or the special wing charm that is attached to every piece, or maybe, in its simplest form, it is the act of believing in your own prayers that makes Seraphym Rosaries so special.

“An Angel Wing Charm is attached to every Rosary to serve as a reminder for us to take our own wings off and share them with those who have lost their own. Share your Wings…Everyday with Gratitude.”

~ Arasely Rios