Where Character Counts

Curtis Karate is more than just martial arts…

At Curtis Karate, we are commited to offering the best in martial arts and personal training to students of any age and skill level.  With our years of experience and award-winning history, we are dedicated to sharing the skills and techniques that we have learned ourselves to anyone who is interested!  Our process includes paying personal attention to each student and instilling the personal development training that is needed to empower a sense of respect, self-confidence and build a strong sense of character – all that is integral to learning the art of karate and the techniques for personal safety and responsibility.

As we are all about family, we also offer fitness kickboxing and self-defense classes for adults.  Our parents that come into the dojo have the ability become a part of the martial arts experience as well, whether it be for casual personal fitness or to compete side-by-side with their kids at regional and national tournaments.

The approach we take is not only to teach technique but to build good character and to bring out the best in each student.  We treat everyone with the highest respect so they learn to treat others in the same manner.  We are committed to offering quality instruction in order to build the champions that we are known for.
So, come and visit us and check out what we have to offer in person!